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Since first taking to the skies at the young age of a month old with his father, the air has been home for Ben. He has grown up as a fourth generation pilot, and therefore, flying is truly in his blood. He soloed gliders at the age of fourteen and soloed a Piper Super Cub and earned his Private Pilot's license in gliders both on his sixteenth birthday. Exactly one year later he earned his Private Pilot's license in powered aircraft on his seventeenth birthday. He has worked as a tow pilot flying various aircraft, towing gliders. 

At 20 years of age, Ben is one of the youngest aerobatic pilots in the nation today. Despite his age, he has found success within the sport. He travels around the western portion of the United States for various flying events, majority of which are aerobatic competitions. His experience spans over 30 aircraft types from high performance aerobatic aircraft such as Pitts Specials and Extra's to classic warbirds like Stearman's and AT-6's. 

Ben continues to rapidly progress in the sport of aerobatics. He will be performing at the National Aerobatic Championships for the first time this year in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. His goal is to place in the top portion of pilots. He plans on moving up to the Advanced Category within the next season as he continues to push himself and develop his skills.

He is currently the youngest airshow pilot in the U.S. today and is working his way up as he gains experience and recognition in the industry.





Apple Cup 2016- Ephrata, WA

Gold Medal -Primary - Known

Silver Medal -Primary - Free

Gold Medal -primary- unknown

Second place overall


Corvallis corkscrew 2016 - Corvallis, OR

Bronze medal -sportsman- free

Best first time sportsman award


CanAm Aerobatic Challenge 2016 - Cut Bank, MT

Gold Medal -sportsman- known

Silver medal -sportsman- free

Gold Medal -sportsman- unknown

First place overall


Beaver State Regional 2016 - Pendleton, OR

Silver medal -intermediate- free

Bronze medal -intermediate- unknown

3rd place intermediate overall


Apple Turnover 2016 -Ephrata, WA

Gold Medal -Intermediate- free

Gold Medal -intermediate- unknown


Tequila Cup 2016 - Marana, AZ

Gold Medal -sportsman- known

Silver medal -sportsman- free 

Gold Medal -sportsman- unknown

First place overall


2016 Northwest Region Series Champion


Apple cup 2017 - Ephrata, WA

Bronze medal -intermediate- free


Corvallis corkscrew 2017 - Corvallis, OR

Bronze medal -intermediate- unknown


CanAm Aerobatic challenge 2017 - Cut Bank, MT

Silver medal -intermediate- known

Silver medal -intermediate- free

Silver medal -intermediate- unknown

Second place overall


Beaver state regional 2017 - Pendleton, OR

Gold Medal -intermediate- known

Gold Medal -intermediate- free

Gold Medal -intermediate- unknown

1st Place overall

Grass roots award- highest score in 180HP or less aircraft

John Wahl award- highest overall score in the contest


Apple Cup 2018 - Ephrata, WA

Silver Medal -intermediate- known

Gold Medal -intermediate- free

Gold Medal -intermediate- Unknown

1st Place Overall

2018 Schedule

Apple Cup- June 20-22

Corvallis Corkscrew- July 11-13

Cody Air Fair- August 3-4

Can-Am Challenge- August 11-13

Powell Wings & Wheels Airshow- August 17-18

Airshow of the Cascades- August 23-24

Apple Turnover- September 6-8

US National Aerobatic Championship- September 20-28

Borrego Akrofest- October 10-12